Motor Vehicle Inspection is an important part of buying any car, it brings peace of mind and can highlight any potential problems before you commit to buy!

The average vehicle can travel up to 20,000 km per year (higher on commercial vehicles) and when a vehicle is used mechanical components get what’s known as wear and tear, or may have been involved in a collision.

When accidents and worn parts are not repaired correctly, without you knowing that vehicle can be dangerous to drive. A qualified inspector can check for worn components or poor workmanship on that vehicle so you can have peace of mind driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

At Australia Wide Vehicle Inspections all our Car Inspection reports are put together and completed by highly qualified vehicle repairers who have many years of experience in conducting major smash repairs and technical mechanical faults.

Buying a car; whether new or used can be a stressful experience. How do you know who to believe when you are bombarded by information from a variety of sources? Who can help you separate fact from fiction?

Our dedicated team of inspectors are on hand to bring clarity to the decision of buying a new or used car. We have more vehicle check points than any other car inspection service.

We also provide an end of warranty inspection service as often there can be a warranty when a vehicle is purchased. When the expiry date is looming it is a good idea to have one of our professional inspectors look over your car to get a detailed report in order to get any concerns fixed before your warranty expires.


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